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Hydraulic and Pneudraulic Huck® Rivet Tools, Replacement Parts, Lockbolts and Collars.

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RoadRunner Agency, Inc. is a wholesale rivet tool distributor and manufacturers sales representative company offering the latest in Hydraulic and Pneudraulic rivet tools. With fast service, competitive prices, and quality parts, we are your 1-stop depot for specific hydraulic tools and parts rivet types for the railroad and trucking industry.

In the world of industrial fastening and assembly, precision, reliability, and efficiency are paramount. Hydraulic and Pneudraulic Huck® Rivet Tools are at the forefront of fastening technology. These tools utilize the power of hydraulics and pneumatics to securely join materials, providing a dependable connection that withstands even the harshest conditions.

* keep your operations running smoothly, it’s essential to have a reliable source for replacement parts.

* These high-strength fasteners provide a level of security and stability that is unparalleled.

Rivet Tools

Nose Assemblies - Riveting Tools
Nose Assemblies
Riveting Tools picture
Hydraulic Installation Tool GB2630 - Riveting Tools
Hydraulic installation tools
Power Riveter GB745 - Riveting Tools
Pneudraulic Tools

Lockbolts: These fasteners are known for their ability to handle high shear and tensile loads, making them ideal for heavy-duty applications. They provide a vibration-resistant, tamper-proof connection that is essential in industries where safety and reliability are paramount.

Collars: Collars are an integral part of the lockbolt system. They ensure that the fasteners are securely in place and help distribute loads evenly. High-quality collars are crucial for the longevity and reliability of lockbolt connections.

Invest in the future of your operations with these cutting-edge innovations.