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The Lockbolt fastening system was developed to provide an alternative to the already successful Industry Standard Leader.

After many years of development, investment and independent testing to the highest industry standards, the product has won approval all over the world. It is now sourced globally by both OEM users and Repair Shops.

Our customers benefit from the experienced technical advice and support we offer. A product that is fully compatible with existing systems and above all is very cost effective when compared to the other lockbolts that are available.

Riv Bolt Collar - Road Runner Agency


The high tensile and shear strength of the installed RIVBOLT, provides a joint with very high resistance to vibratory loosening. This ensures that all fasteners are installed with the same results under all conditions.

Visual inspection of the installed fasteners eliminates the need for expensive equipment and time-consuming inspection methods.


Fastener Dimensions

Round Head

Truss Head

CSK Head

Head diameter
Head height
Head diameter
Head height
Head diameter
Head height
1/2"-16.515 - .4930.902-0.9420.298-0.3301.074-1.1140.252-0.2800.886-0.9260.235-0.265
5/8"-20.642 - .6171.121-1.1610.376-0.4091.355-1.3950.313-0.3461.136-1.1760.298-0.330
3/4"-24.768 - .7411.355-1.3950.454-0.484n/an/a1.355-1.3950.360-0.394
7/8"-28.895 - .8661.574-1.6180.532-0.562n/an/a1.574-1.6140.423-0.453
1"-321.022 - .9901.808-1.8480.594-0.624n/an/a1.824-1.8640.485-0.515

Carbon Steel Pins Using Standard or Flanged Collars

Minimum values in pounds, of installed fasteners. All head types are carbon steel equivalent to ASTM A325 high strength bolts.





1 1/8695005845082950

The Benefits of the Huck Bolt

Threaded fasteners have been around for centuries and are extremely useful for a wide range of applications. The only problem is that threaded fasteners such as nuts and bolts can work loose over time, especially if they are being used for high-stress applications or where continuous vibration is a problem. The Huck bolt was developed to solve that problem by completely redesigning the bolt as a two-piece fastener that uses metal-on-metal contact to secure it in place as a permanent bond.

The Huck bolt consists of two pieces: a threaded pin and a collar made of slightly softer material. Huck bolts are available in different sizes and materials for different applications:

  • The Huck BobTail® is corrosion-resistant, can be installed using a lightweight tool, and is available in steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.
  • The C50L® is designed for heavy-duty applications, meets or exceeds the ASTM A-325 standards for shear and tensile strength, and is available in steel, stainless steel, or aluminum.
  • The Magna-Grip® is a vibration-resistant grade 2 fastener with a wide grip range, and it is available in steel and aluminum.
  • Designed for a broad range of applications, the C6L, C120L, and C150L Huck bolts feature classic, six-groove fastening and are available in steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and as steel pins with stainless steel heads.
  • Arconic also offers the Hucktainer® steel fastener, designed to be installed with consistent pressure for working with softer materials without crushing them.

When installed, the pin is inserted into one side of the workpiece and the collar is fitted on the opposite side, then tightened using a rivet tool that swages the collar to the pin to form a permanent bond. Huck bolts come in three basic designs: the Huck bolt with a pintail that remains after installation, the Huck bolt whose pintail is broken off during installation, and the reinforced-panel Huck bolt for use with softer materials.